When your hands travel on my body, when your lips kisses all the forbidden places, your submissive girl becomes hot. When your hand hits my bottom, when you pull my hair, all of my nerves are having a party. When you whisper on my ear, with a little smile: ‘Strip’, in my mind a fire…… Continue reading Seance


I am who I am, with a little dark side.

I am who I am. I am that girl, with a big smile. I am filled with a heart full of love. I am that girl, which will help you, but don’t fuck it up, because I will slowly become angry. If you do it again and again, I will release, something that sits quietly…… Continue reading I am who I am, with a little dark side.

Just thoughts

Dear readers and followers

Dear riders and followers! I was little sick and tired… that’s why I didn’t make any posts. It’s getting better. I want to thank you all, for visiting my blog. Thank you for reading my posts.  I never thought that I would have so many followers. (41 followers). For me is that excellent. And all…… Continue reading Dear readers and followers

Just thoughts

Paths in life

Brain. So small, but so magnificent. Thoughts, that are dancing in your brain. Actions, that are produced by you. Feelings, that are hiding in you. Did you ever wonder, what is going on in your brain? Why is sometimes so empty and sometimes it doesn’t shut up? Or makes you do things, which you didn’t…… Continue reading Paths in life

Something interesting

Have you talk with your inner child today?

Have you talk with your inner child today? What is inner child? ‘It’s real. Not literally. Nor physically. But figuratively, metaphorically real. It is like complexes in general–a psychological or phenomenological reality, and an extraordinarily powerful one at that. Indeed, most mental disorders and destructive behavior patterns are, as Freud first intimated, more or less…… Continue reading Have you talk with your inner child today?