Happy and healthy

I started to walk again, not using elevator, dying to get to the fifth floor, with my breath taken away. I started to cycle on home bike again, while watching tv, my legs burns and I almost fall every time I try to stand up. I started not to eat sugary food, but that ice … Continue reading Happy and healthy


When life feels all the same

I thought that life will drastically change, it did, but in the end I got used to it and it didn’t seem special any more. I just go with the routine, with little side jobs and still everything is the same. Then days come, when everything is full with laughter, hugs and kisses. That special … Continue reading When life feels all the same

I want to thank you…

Hi. Yes you. You know who you are. I want to thank you. For a lot of things. With all of my heart. I want to thank you, for the most beautiful year, that ever happened to me. I want to thank you, for always being here, when my heart and soul needed you. I … Continue reading I want to thank you…

Oh life…

Yes my darling, yes. I have chosen you. I have picked your soul to mess around. To mess around and show you what a real life is. Life is not a fairytale, filled with princes and princesses. Not everyone gets a chance. Life is not just field of flowers, but a battle ground. Where you … Continue reading Oh life…

Reality or dream!

Empathy is burned in to the skin, Children laugh makes you sick, That smile with an evil eyes, When killing gives you so much satisfaction, Book of true, burning in the shadows, Life exist just on internet, Barbie girl got all opportunities, Exhausted rules of society, Feelings locked by unknown key, Heart in the millions … Continue reading Reality or dream!


When your hands travel on my body, when your lips kisses all the forbidden places, your submissive girl becomes hot. When your hand hits my bottom, when you pull my hair, all of my nerves are having a party. When you whisper on my ear, with a little smile: ‘Strip’, in my mind a fire … Continue reading Seance

I am who I am, with a little dark side.

I am who I am. I am that girl, with a big smile. I am filled with a heart full of love. I am that girl, which will help you, but don’t fuck it up, because I will slowly become angry. If you do it again and again, I will release, something that sits quietly … Continue reading I am who I am, with a little dark side.