Success and happiness?

Success. What is it? The biggest success in your life? Or what do you want it to be? There are different successes. Every person can have more of them and they can be different from yours. It can be small or big. Insignificance to others, but important to you. Success can be your biggest happiness. … Continue reading Success and happiness?


For today… I’m tired.

When you are child, a lot of responsibilities goes away. You don’t have to worry for almost anything. You can just enjoy that beautiful and not stressful life. When you are adult, you have a thousand responsibilities and behind every corner something is hiding and waiting to jump on you. You worry about everything, you … Continue reading For today… I’m tired.

New Year 2018 and resolutions

Hello dear readers! It feels like I just turn around few times and already is a new year. Sometimes time flies to fast. It’s been an interesting year. Some good and bad things happened. I learn a lot of new things. I have enjoyed in nice and warm moments. I learn that crying can be … Continue reading New Year 2018 and resolutions

Growing up – becoming a real adult

You know that excitement when you are turning 18 (at some countries 21) and you feel that the whole world is yours and you can do whatever you want? You feel like some bad ass boy or girl… Few days after your birthday you figure out that almost nothing change. Except you can buy alcohol … Continue reading Growing up – becoming a real adult


Someday it will happen. That day will come. That day, when you will have to choose. Choose between your happiness and others. You will have to. Are you ready to do that? To make your heart cry of happiness or slowly dying inside. Are you ready to choose you?

Leadership seminar

Good morning readers! Last week I had an opportunity to attend seminar about leadership development. Five days seminar was the best thing I attended. We talk and discuss about leadership skills and learn those skills through some practice. We were talking about expectations, strengths, competencies, challenges, beliefs, barriers, opportunities, self – confidence, self – esteem, … Continue reading Leadership seminar

Dear readers and followers

Dear riders and followers! I was little sick and tired… that's why I didn't make any posts. It's getting better. I want to thank you all, for visiting my blog. Thank you for reading my posts.  I never thought that I would have so many followers. (41 followers). For me is that excellent. And all … Continue reading Dear readers and followers