Growing up – becoming a real adult

You know that excitement when you are turning 18 (at some countries 21) and you feel that the whole world is yours and you can do whatever you want? You feel like some bad ass boy or girl… Few days after your birthday you figure out that almost nothing change. Except you can buy alcohol and cigarettes, vote and you are responsible for your own acts… Everybody still act like you are a kid. You get some more responsibilities. (of course if you are not already working for you living, have some kids, then you are a real adult)

Life goes on and at some point you can figure out that now you became a real adult. You don’t know when that happened, but you become that real adult. You don’t call your parents for everything you need. You make things happened. You start living in that circle. You go to work, to pay bills. Building a house/apartment or renovating it. Talking about marriage. Talking about having kids and everything that goes around them. Cleaning the whole house, jelling at your boyfriend or husband (or somebody else) that clothes don’t belong on floor and so on.  When you are very young, you don’t care or talk about those ‘adult’ stuff. You want to live your life and hope that parents won’t yell all the time for some ‘stupid’ stuff. In the blink of the eye you grow up in to the responsible adult and half of the time you didn’t even notice.

Sometimes I wish that I enjoyed my childhood a little more. Because being adult sometimes sucks. Sometimes I want to be under 18 again and feel that the whole world is mine. Or just do nothing for some time. But that is life. Enjoy it more, because you never know when it can be over.

Enjoy, M.


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