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Dear parents! No.2.

Dear parents! No.2.

I talk about some things in other post. You can read it here:

But today I will say some words about something similar but different. So your children are something precious to you. You care, love, worry for them. But at some point children grow up and you should let them go.

I know that everybody is different and you don’t like the same stuff or think similar. I know that you want the best for them, so they can be safe in world. I know that you had your own history of mistakes. I know that missing us, will change things. I know. But please. Let it go.

  • You teach us a lot. We did learn. But still we will make different choices.
  • We know that life was tough and still is.
  • We become adults and it’s time to be adult.
  • We want to make our own life. Our own family. Our own space, that we can call it home.
  • We will still help you with everything you need. But we want to have time for own life.
  • We wont forget you. We still be grateful for everything.
  • We want to spend as much time we can with our love ones.
  • We want to see a world that is outside of bubble.
  • We want to be free, but still little watched over.
  • Let us go. Be happy.

Enjoy, M.


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