Reality or dream!

Empathy is burned in to the skin,

Children laugh makes you sick,

That smile with an evil eyes,

When killing gives you so much satisfaction,

Book of true, burning in the shadows,

Life exist just on internet,

Barbie girl got all opportunities,

Exhausted rules of society,

Feelings locked by unknown key,

Heart in the millions of pieces,

Information’s made on lies,

Perfection giving you a cry,

Being different is just a phrase,

Stories for good night, which makes you a robot,

Open mind, hidden with a blanket,

Being outcast, maybe is the only life,

Mirror showing you a true, tamed by the lies,

Want to know, what is under you, but afraid to cut,

Words just being CTRL + C,

Pornography just a normal unexpected sex,

Reality hidden in the prison,

Important things forgotten, like they never exist,

Love just being a dream, blasted by the arrows,

Society  is a rule, broken millions times,

Different is not possible,

With a blank mind you are perfect,

And sky is really a limit.


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