When your hands travel on my body,

when your lips kisses all the forbidden places,

your submissive girl becomes hot.

When your hand hits my bottom,

when you pull my hair,

all of my nerves are having a party.

When you whisper on my ear,

with a little smile: ‘Strip’,

in my mind a fire work has started.

Cuffed on the wall, bed or something else,

not able to move, to touch your face,

feelings of the hand around my neck,

sound of the whip in the air,

the pain that shiver over my whole body,

all the torture over my breasts,

and your smile and your look,

when you can take all the thoughts away,

make my busy mind empty.

When your hand touches the right spot,

when your words say ‘Now’,

my body starts screaming.

When your hugs and kisses,

when just being you,

makes my life perfection.


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