Paths in life

Brain. So small, but so magnificent.
Thoughts, that are dancing in your brain.
Actions, that are produced by you.
Feelings, that are hiding in you.
Did you ever wonder, what is going on in your brain?
Why is sometimes so empty and sometimes it doesn’t shut up?
Or makes you do things, which you didn’t like?
You want to follow your heart, but brain is telling you different.
Is he right or wrong? What would make you happy?
Or is brain programmed from the begging and you don’t have any choices?
Did anyone show you the world?
That world, which are you missing, which is just flowing pass you.
Did you wonder what would it be, if you would choose other directions?
Or say different things, which would lead you on different path.
Did you? Or you just did follow some rules that are set up in the beginning.
Telling you what to do, because they said so.
Will the world collapse, if you don’t follow, what society says?
Your life would be better, maybe you would feel free, finally relax…
Why, why, why, why… is filling your brain, over and over.
Why, why, why, … maybe…
Maybe you can learn, to live different. Maybe you would follow your heart sometimes.
It’s not the end of the world…and even if it would be, you should be happy all the time.
You will die in the end and worms don’t choose between better and worst life.
Make yourself proud, your soul should dance, dance from being finally free,
dance, even if nobody can hear your music, it’s just yours.
Be sincere to yourself, look inside of you, find what is hidden.
Show the world how great you can be. Show yourself, that you can feel the world that it should be there.

Be. Just be.

Enjoy, M.


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