Have you talk with your inner child today?

Have you talk with your inner child today?

What is inner child?

‘It’s real. Not literally. Nor physically. But figuratively, metaphorically real. It is like complexes in general–a psychological or phenomenological reality, and an extraordinarily powerful one at that. Indeed, most mental disorders and destructive behavior patterns are, as Freud first intimated, more or less related to this unconscious part of us. We were all once children, and still have that child dwelling within us. But most adults are quite unaware of this. And this lack of conscious relatedness to our own inner child is precisely where so many behavioral, emotional and relationship difficulties stem from.’ (Source: www.psychologytoday.com )

When we are children, our thought and actions are pure. We see the word different as we see it now. Society tell us to ‘grow up’ and act like a grownups. Being playful, joyful and similar is broken and shoved somewhere. Society tell us (teach us) to denie, reject or abandon our inner child. Our emotional life from then is hidden from us. We think that we grow it up that. But probably we didn’t.

True adulthood hinges on acknowledging, accepting, and taking responsibility for loving and parenting one’s own inner child. Do we do that? Maybe few of you do, but others doesn’t.  We need to learn to become conscious of our inner child. Talk to him, learn to see what he needs and wants… What happened in the pass, it has happened. We have to accept who we are now and learn how to become better. Love yourself. Our life will become better. More full with joy, happiness, laugh…

What can you tell to yourself and your inner child?

1.I hear you.
2.I love you.
3.You are important.
4.I’m sorry.
5.I forgive you.
6.Thank you.
7.You did your best.
8.I trust you.
9.You are perfect.

Some interesting video (watch more parts of videos):

Healing the Inner child:


Enjoy, M.


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