That something

Show me your eyes, so I can see your deepest secrets.
Show me your eyes, so I can reach for your soul.

Hold my hand, while I’m walking you around.
Hold my hand, if you don’t want get lost in hell.

Give me your heart, so I can eat your energy.
Give me your heart and become mine.

Don’t think, just let go of your life.
Don’t think, your mind is no longer yours.

Will you follow your darkest desires?
Will you give me what I want, my lost child?

What will hope bring you, if I am everything?
What will you do, if you are already with one foot here?

Will your heart become stronger or eaten by darkness?
Will your heart beat for a life or can I put it on my shelf?

Will your hand let me go and wander around?
Will your hand see, that there is nothing to hold?

Will your eyes become blind of everything?
Will your eyes finally see, what they should see?

What will you do my little child? I will always be around.
What will you do when I take your will away?


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