Good morning post

Good morning everybody!

At least for me is 7:30, while I am writing this post. I didn’t post over a week. Have been busy and lazy. Sometimes happen that I need a week of free time. That my mind can be relaxed. It helps, if I’m not thinking what should I write, what should I do, what is happening and a little voice in my head – You have a vacation from all those stuff, wtf are you doing?.  Well I try. Sometimes it helps, sometimes it doesn’t.

What happened when I was absent? Well I fucked up something at work, it was all ok in the end, but my heart almost stopped. I got a boyfriend. A nice one. Very interesting one. I like him a lot. But sometimes he is a fucking sadist… oh life is good. I’m on diet. Starting today. (I started few weeks ago, but it didn’t work out the way it should…). Food is not you something that I need to eat for surviving. Food is passion. All those tastes. I love to cook, make some magic. Week started nicely and I hope it will be even better.

Positive thoughts. Think positive and life changes in a second.

Enjoy. M.


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