We live in a word with full of opportunities. Modernization and connection is amazing. Life is amazing. If you find the right people, live is even more amazing. On the opposite side, everything sucks. We lost our self in all the informations, things, assets, hatred speeches and comments, thoughts, actions… And in all of that, we forgot who we are.

Internet is full of opportunities and knowledge. We can see, hear and learn so many good things, but it can be so sad. We don’t connect with people. We don’t connect with World. We live through all the sites you can imagine on our precious technologies. We walk with the phones in our hands, take the pictures of anything, for everybody and post everything and what we shouldn’t… Why is so important to be popular and loved and usually for a wrong reasons? We lost our freedom and privacy. Everybody can see and hear what we do and we make it even easier. Cameras are everywhere. Everybody can follow us everywhere. And people say, it doesn’t matter, I don’t hide anything and I don’t care.

But, you see, it matters. Through history people fight for freedom and we are just throwing it away. It represents you and others. You are not just a number. You are not just some stranger. You are a human being that matters. Sometimes is so hard to explain. But I understand. It’s hard to change and sometimes even impossible. It’s hard to get lost of grid and still be on track with everything. It’s hard to become what you want and what you are. Because people judge, hate and don’t understand. Why are you not doing like others? Why do you think differently? Why you actions are the way they are?

It easy to talk, but harder to make some changes. I understand. Sometimes I think, we will die in the end. What is the point of working all days, so you can buy that big car and that new, last edition phone, bigger house and if you are lucky go for two weeks on vacation? Why should we be like new age zombies, following everybody around and hate others for being different? For what cost?

Sitting in the nursery home at age 80 and thinking I should do things different. Try to tell people to achieve their dreams, travel more, laugh more, love more, enjoy more, do things that they like… Because in the end, you finally see, that things should be different.That time pass quickly and you get lost to fast.

Enjoy. M.


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