One year anniversary

Good morning readers!

Few days ago I got a message from WordPress that it’s my one year anniversary. My blog is one year old! I couldn’t believe, that a year already passed. But I’m happy. I wish for more and more years.

Thank you all for reading, following and passing by. I hope you enjoyed. In the future I will spice things little up. ‘smiles’

What happened in a year? A lot of things. Try to figure out what to do with my life. I know what I want, just need some push. Lost job. Got a part time job. Got another job for few months. Finished relationship with my boyfriend. Enjoyed in being single. I know is harsh, but I was relived when I finished with him. I wish you all happiness dear ex. I meet a new friends. Try some new hot things and I want them more.

What I want in next year? Happiness. To enjoy. To relax. Make some wishes come true. Have a steady job. Be loved in a way that I want. Be me. Of course write, write and write.

That’s for today. Thank you all.

Enjoy, M.


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