New Year resolutions and other things


Happy New Year! I hope your year started in a good way. Mine started excellent.

I told myself I should write some blog, it’s new year and so on… but I didn’t have time. Or more like I didn’t spare some time. Been busy. I got a new job. Full time job. So happy, that finally found something. It’s only for 3 months for now, so hopefully after a while I can get it for a long run. Most important thing, I am enjoying it and learning so much new stuff.

I meet some new/unexpected person. It’s was really a surprise. I hope that we will become good friends. I really like him.


Well, probably I will not do half of it, but at least I know what I want to achieve. Someday, maybe this year. Hopefully. Smiles.

  • Continue to write a blog.
  • Tell a few people that I write a blog.
  • Don’t forget about poems. Write them more.
  • Like I said, I love to read, but I should start reading something different. About psychology, energy in us, yoga, art and similar stuff.
  • Be more confidence.
  • Don’t be sad.
  • Love yourself.
  • Have that tatoo, which you want it for a while.
  • Go to the sea. Alone. At least for a weekend.
  • Start exercising. Just a little.
  • Eat more healthy.
  • Go to see things. Exhibitions. Movies. Art.
  • Meet up with friends more times.
  • Have a massage. You need it.
  • Open up.
  • Cry, when you need to.
  • Be happy, even I doesn’t go in way it should.
  • Draw. Fucking start drawing again.
  • Live your life as you want to. At least some part of it.
  • Start writing a book.
  • Clean your place, throw away everything what you don’t need. All the time. Enjoy with less stuff.
  • Be less stresful.
  • Be who you are.
  • Love again.

So these are some stuff that I would love to do, do again, at some point. Little changes.

In 2017 I wish you happiness and health. Everything else will come by them self.

Enjoy M.


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