New Year 2017

Hello everybody!

Time pass sometimes so fast, that we don’t acknowledge it. You can turn around few times and one week has past, then month and then a year. Here we are now. One day before New Year.

Had already any thoughts about what you did in this year? What you want to change it or not? Have you had a filling, that life just passed before your eyes and you didn’t do anything or you didn’t live it? Not happy with it? Maybe you like or loved few things that happened, but you want more?

Well, I can’t help you a lot or I can’t help you at all. It’s on you. Change it.

You are a creator of your life, you are a writer of your story, you are a painter of your picture.

You set the boundaries. Step over it. Become better human being. Become you.

My wishes for New Year? I want to become more confident. I want to do what I want to do. To make come true all the wishes from last years and the new ones. I want to love my self as I am and not change for others, because they don’t understand me.

I wish you all a happy New Year, with a lot of surprises, filled with love form your friends and family. I wish you all to find a happiness, that you deserve.

Enjoy, M.


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