Joy Fielding – Shadow Creek

I love to read some criminal books. They can be very satisfying. This author has written very interesting books. They are something different. Talking about good story, interesting and unexpected twists, well explained and discribed characters, doesn’t get boring, you want to read it all in one day. I found in a library only few books, but on her page I saw that she wrote a lot of them. So hopefully some day I will manage to find all of them. If you like crime, thriller, mystery and some psychological stuff, you will like her books.

Genres: Thriller, Fiction, Suspense, Mystery

About author:

Other books: she wrote a lot of books, check on her page.

Sumarry of book Shadow Creek:

Due to a last-minute change in plans, a group of unlikely traveling companions finds themselves on a camping trip in the Adirondacks. They include the soon-to-be-divorced Valerie; her oddball friends, Melissa and James; her moody teenage daughter, Brianne; and Val’s estranged husband’s fiancée, Jennifer. Val is dealing with unresolved feelings toward her ex and grappling with jealousy and resentment toward his younger, prettier new flame, a woman with some serious issues of her own. Brianne is sixteen and openly rebellious, caught up in a web of secrets and lies.

What Val and her companions don’t know is that a pair of crazed killers is wreaking havoc in the very same woods. When an elderly couple is found slaughtered and Brianne goes missing, Val finds herself in a nightmare much worse than anything she could have anticipated. She was half-expecting it to be the trip from hell, but what she never could have predicted was that this impromptu little excursion

Enjoy, M.


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