Just few days

568ec9c49edadb06e0e535dbab3cdfafThere are some days,
when my mood is so down,
laying on my shadow,
like they are best buddies.

They don’t care about me,
maybe they forgot about me,
I’m just a person,
that drags them around.

Feeling like a zombie,
empty, with a lost soul,
days are just passing by
and I don’t even notice.

Then all the other voices,
wanting something all the time,
hurting my time,
which I forgot that I have.

I just want to have some time,
my time, just me,
laying on the bed
and staring at something.

I want to free my mind,
breath, without  stones on my chest,
let the time pass by
and heal my soul.

Can I have that few days,
just to fill up my batteries,
without any problems,
can I?


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