I died and become alive again

I died. I died long time ago.

My soul left me, flew away,

my heart broke in to a thousand pieces.

I got lost in the dark.

It squeezed me to the corner.

Whispering me: ‘It’s ok my child’.

All the words that they spoken,

all the looks that have been given,

they slowly push me down.

Dark was getting closer,

screams were louder,

I was sinking fast.

Few more rounds

and the word I know

did just disappear.

Thoughts were so quiet,

heart beat was gone,

I didn’t exist any more.

I was lost. I died.

But I didn’t want to die.

I wanted to live,

to surpass all the words and looks that been given.

I wanted to be strong,

alive, become me again,

feel all the light.

I wanted to look at me in the mirror,

be proud of myself,

feel beautiful.

Feeling the energy going through my veins,

heart start beating loudly and clear,

dark is becoming lighter.

I grab my soul and push her in my arms,

hug her tight, telling her ‘I’m sorry,

I will be better to you’.

The light became so strong,

I could feel the heat on skin,

I was alive again.


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