My ”Bucket list”

Life can be crazy. Busy. Boring. Surprisingly good. Can be livable. A lot of things happened from my last post. I got a job. More like a part time job, working around ten days a month. Better then nothing. Then I got another job that I should start in September or October for eight hours a day. Even more excellent. And I said to my self, do some stuff you want to do now, because when I start working in a full part job, time will be gone. What I did? Nothing much. Little disappointed about myself. I know what I am capable to do. I know what I want to do. But I didn’t. I promise something to myself and broke that promise. A lot of times. How then I can promise something to somebody else, if I can’t keep promises to myself?

I wrote for myself a ‘bucket list’. It’s something similar. Some wishes I want to do it and somethings I need to change in me and in my life. Didn’t do it almost nothing. But now I feel I can do something. I feel that time and place is right. It should be now. Everybody wants to do something, even it is crazy as it sounds, but that thing makes your heart beat, you can feel satisfaction.

Something like Bucket list

1.Write, draw and read all the time. That’s for my soul.

2.Learn a new language. Probably Dutch. Have a friends there and it would be helpful.

3.Be polite to others. Don’t judge. Tell others what you don’t like. You are the most important.

4.Finish my University. With steady job coming, it will be possible. Need to pay for exams…

5.Drive around your country. Look around and visit some places.

6.Go to a road trip. Anywhere will be ok.

7.Become less stressful. Start meditate. Read about it and do it.

8.Relax. Don’t rush.

9.Chose which people you want in your life and interact with them. Trow away the one you don’t like and they make you feel sad and bad.

10.Tell family that you love them. All the time.

11.Be helpful. Somebody always needs something. Even just a hello.

12.Go for a vacation alone. Even if is just for a weekend. I need some time off, just with myself.

13.Read some psychology books.

14.Go to a drawing class.

15.Find a way to live alone.

16.Enjoy in work.

17.Learn new things.

18.Stop smoking. Bad habit.

19.Lose some weight. Slowly.

20.Start exercising. 10 min a day and slowly add more.

21.Enjoy being single. Nothing wrong with that.

22.Somebody will came someday and choose wisely. Life is too short to argue and be stressful all the time.

23.If I don’t have my own kids (wouldn’t be the end off the world), I would like to adopt.

24.Eat healthy. More fruits and vegetables, less sugar.

25.If you don’t like something in your life, change it. Nobody else will.

26.Save money, but don’t spend it on stupid things. Enjoy, but use it carefully.

27.Always have a cat. I love cats 🙂

28.Find something what can you do from home or use goods from home and sell it.

29.Don’t get lost. Believe in yourself.

30.What goes on your nerves… ‘kill it and burn it somewhere’. Life is enough stressful and you need more peaceful life.

31.Love yourself. You are beautiful.

32.Add wishes and ‘rules’ to your Bucket list.

Thats for now. The important things.

Enjoy. M.


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