Internet sociality

We are technology children. We can’t live other way. Our lifes are connected to internet and all pages and applications. Facebook, Twiter, Instagram and millions of others are controlling our lifes. We crave for others compassion and liking. We want to be connected 24/7 to everything. Have all the news this second. Many likes for our selfies. We slowly die. We want to be like others. Why?

Why is being accepted so important? Why we want to be like others? Why is there a way to lose our identity?

We are all different. We like different stuff. We live different lifes. And in the end we can find somebody that likes similar stuff. We can find that kind of people. We can still be us. But still we crave to be accepted from sociality. Sociality can be harsh and have a lot of objections. Bully us.

Don’t you want to be you? Live a life that you want to? Be happy? Why is so hard?


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