Magic in your life

It’s something different. It can’t be explained. It makes you feel alive, full of energy, relaxed, you can breathe freely, emotions are filling your body and you say ‘WOW’ at that moment.

Did you ever experience that in your life? Isn’t it perfect? Why don’t you feel it again? Why it has to be just a moment? Why don’t you bring that in your life?

…listening to a concert, or some performance, music is making you shiver…

…sitting on a bench, letting wind dance around, sun making you warmer…

…drawing and fell it to a Trans…

…feeling when you came on top of the hill…

…reading some book and you just can’t stop…

…watching movie and get lost in the story, like is your life…

…eating the perfect food, when your mouth is full of different tastes…

…laughing with friends, crying because of happiness…

…listening to a child laugh from a heart…

…walking by the sea and watching waves…

These are some of the moments or magic in your life. It can be anything. Just needs to have that feel of magic.

How do you live? Working, eating, sleeping, going to school, studying, talking with friends/family/ strangers, doing house/family things, maybe some relaxation… and life goes by. And don’t forget all amount of stress you are having. Some of you get ’promotion’ to depression, headache, pain in your body, problems with food, anxiety, thoughts of suicide,… It’s not a happy life. All stress and all ‘promotions’ are affecting your body and your mind. Every bad thing that happens, somehow will affect your thoughts and system in your body. You can get sick, just because you didn’t relax.

You have to know that you can change that. Nobody else will. Who needs to make you happy? First thing is – you need to make you happy. Not others, you need to start with you. For that you need to make some changes.

Everybody has their own moment of magic. With that magic you slowly grow. You change. You become happier. That is why you should have more moments like these in your life. But how can you do that? With little changes or the big ones, is your choice.

First. I think you need to write down, what makes you happy and where did you feel that magic. All what goes through your mind. Little or big things. When you write that down, read it few times. Think about it. How many times did you do that? Chose 5 of them. Do all of them in one month. Make your self do it. Bring magic in your life. After that you can change those happy moments and do others or just do these one again and again. It won’t be boring, because this is your magic.

But if you don’t know how or what should be your magic moment, try some of these ones:

Meditation. A lot of people don’t like that. But it helps. Makes your mind more relax, reduce stress, and helps your body… I could say there are different types of meditation. More depends on what makes you relax. Find something what you like.

You can take a bath. Sit in it. Some candles. You can start breath slowly and let you mind goes somewhere where you were happy. Let the emotions through your body and relax. You can do that for 10 min or half hour. Take your time. Make that moment magic.

You can sit on a bench in a park. Listening to a wind, looking around, listening to sounds… Relax in that moment, feel the emotions, let the magic in you. (you can do that in the woods, at the sea, at something that makes you feel relax).

Maybe some classes will help you.  Of drawing, reading, playing instrument, walking, exercising… A lot of that can be free.

Going to some music concert or performances. Music is good for your soul and your body.

Go for a walk or a run. Let your mind free and just enjoy.

Everybody likes something else, makes him happy something different, and has his own moments of magic in his life. You have to find those things and make them real. Because life is fast and a lot of times we lost those moments, because something else is more important. You don’t want to wake up at some point and ask yourself ‘what did I do?’. Just little changes. It makes your life so alive and full of magic.

Enjoy and let Magic in your life. M.


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