Sex is not the most important thing in relationship, but…

a-relation-dipI know a lot of you could disagree with me, but at least hear me out. It’s not just about sex. If you going to spend a life with somebody, sex it won’t be the most important thing. You are not marring them because of sex. At the age 70, it won’t be important. You will connect with you partner with other things. Well, if you can have sex at that time, go for it!

Relationships are hard. There is no easy way. It’s nice and cosy at the start. Stars are perfect, everything goes in the way it should. You start learning about your partner, you are very attracted to him, you have sex any time you can, you are so in love and then life kicks in. Really, can kick your ass.

Relationship:     a romantic or sexual friendship between two people;

                               the way in which two or more people or things are connected.

We start dating with other people, because we like them. We like them because of their: thinking, laughing, smiling, positivity, sexiness, things they do to us, how they affect us, how they talk, what they do, how much money they have (yes, it happens),… We can say that other person attracts us for something. If we like them enough, we can have a longer relationship with them. Life is not perfect and so it’s not relationship. We fight and argue, a lot of times for a stupid things, but almost all problems we can save.

Sex:       physical activity in which people touch each other’s bodies, kiss each other, etc;

                physical activity that is related to and often includes sexual intercourse;

                connection between two people, showing affection.

Why we have sex? For having children. That one is not that important (it is when you try to have children). With sex we show other person that we care about him, that we love him, that we are attracted to him, that we have some kind of connection, that we just want to get laid or we are just so horny and we need a realise. We want to touch them, kiss them, make them hard and horny because of us. So sex is important, because our relationship is getting to a new level. We connect even more with our partner. And then life kicks your ass (not all of your asses).

We are tired, busy, boring, not horny, too much things to do with children… and we don’t have sex or we don’t show other person, that we still think they are hot and that we love them. It can be saved, by talking some time off, dating again, having a babysitter, thinking about your partner (why you like him),doing things for him, sending some small thoughtful gifts… It can become like it was at the beginning.

What about when you don’t want to have sex anymore? When you just don’t like it, you did because of partner, or you get horny only by some porn? Or you just don’t get hard anymore? Or because of heath issues, you can’t or won’t have sex? It happened so many times in relationships  that is unbelievable. When you don’t get any affection from your partner, you don’t feel good in your skin. Why they don’t like me any more, why they don’t want to touch me, why I can’t touch them, why is this happening? It happens to woman and man. And people still stay together, because they love them. I married him because I love him, not because of sex. But after some years, you start thinking is it worth it? You know that they love you (you hope), they just can’t show you in that way. But as humans we need some affection, touches, shivers… We don’t need to beg them for having sex or just to make us cum. To have sex just 2-3 times per year. It happens to younger and older couples. I think that is not healthy.

Some people are very similar and they like that kind of relationship. But a lot of time you have a person with different levels of libido. How to cope with that?

Sex is not the most important thing in relationship, but… Do you see what I’m trying to say?


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