Dear parents! No.1.

Dear parents!

These words are for me (hopefully someday I will be a parent) and for all other parents. You may not agree with some things, but this is how I would/will raise my child. I see some things in my parents work and some things in friend’s families. But in the end, things never go in the way you planed.

  • Kids can
    be annoying, whiny, troublesome, disobedient, impossible, unreasoned, dumb… and wonderful, good, magnificent, interesting, intelligent and the most beautiful and exciting thing that could happened to you.
  • Start teaching them at the beginning, they grow too fast, time goes to fast.
  • Teach them, but let them learn by them self. They will make a thousand mistakes. Even you sometimes still do.
  • Let their curiosity to grow for different things. World has a lot of knowledge.
  • I know that life now is flying around computers, phones, internet, but show them, that being outside and doing something is good too.
  • If they cry in the middle of the store, because they didn’t get that fucking lollipop, let them cry. In third time they should learn.
  • They need to interact with people. In person. We are all becoming zombies…
  • Don’t buy everything they want to. A lot of kids have so many games and everything, but they don’t play with it. An electric car for a 2 year old child??? At least buy games which will grow their creativity and logic (or something else).
  • All of you want to give them what you didn’t have. It’s ok. Just don’t spoil them too much.
  • Teach them cleaning and cooking. Let them help you. Kids don’t know how to iron their shirt, cook a simple meal, put some clothes for washing or just clean a bathroom. Guys and girls. They will survive.
  • Sex and protection. Teach them. Sooner is better.
  • Teach them, that money doesn’t grow on trees. You can’t buy everything you want to. You need to work for that and safe money. Hopefully they will have a job.
  • School and grades are important. No debate here. Interact with them, help them with school work.
  • Teach them, that being different it’s ok. Not following society is ok. Do not discriminate a don’t bully. Both of you.
  • Tattoos  after 18 birthday. Still check, what they want to. Sometimes is something stupid.
  • Piercings are ok. But not too much of them and not on some places, where they shouldn’t be. (I have 8 holes in my ears…)
  • Make them work for summer. They can hate it, but they will appreciate money and work. I started as cleaning lady.
  • Try to understand them. Learn something new, if you have too.
  • Remember, you were kid too, long time ago. And don’t forget, things changes, it’s not the same as when you been kid.
  • You will fight with them, they will hate you, yes they will, still things will be ok.
  • LOVE them. Be there for them.

Maybe you have any sugestions?

Enjoy, M.


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