Right friends, true friends, just some people?

Hello everybody!

First I want to say: ‘’Happy Easter!’’ I hope you had enjoyed in holidays.

I wanted to talk about friends, that they are not friends, but you still hang out with them.
What is a friend?

Friend, noun: a person attached to another by feelings of affection or personal regard,
a person who is on good terms with another.
Friendship, noun: the state of being a friend, association as friends.

So, we chose friends with similar interests and hobbies, we can know each other from kindergarten, we think similar, we work together etc. I think in the end depends how you ‘click’ with that person, even if you don’t have a lot of in common. We are all different, but in some things we are the same.

But sometimes it happeneds, that we are still friends with people, who we don’t like or they don’t know about us a lot. We chat with them and hang out, because we know each other from when we were a little, or they are friends from boyfriends/girlfriends… Why do we still interact with them? We don’t feel any connection with them, they don’t know what is going on in our life or they don’t care. Are we just looking for an interaction with others, because in other way, we would be alone?

A lot of them say: ‘Yes, I have a lot of friends.’ But do they know you? Yes, you have a best friend (hope you all do), who knows a lot about you. What about other friends? Are they true friends?
I have few ‘friends’ from high school. We see each other once per a month. We talk about our life and all other stuff that goes with it. Few of them always says: ‘You are such a good friend, we should meet a lot of more.’ and bla bla bla. Nobody calls. Either do I. Why I’m still seeing them? Maybe because we were friends in high school and it is good to see them few times in a year. We connected before in good way.

Let’s say then true friends are people who we are attached in more ways, who know us and we know them, we would do things for them (which you don’t do for some stranger), we can call each other in middle of the night, you can cry in front of them, they understand your craziness, they are people that you want to have them at your side until you die…

That is good. Humans aren’t made to be alone. At some point you get crazy. We need to talk to someone, see someone, touch someone, have a feeling, that we are acknowledged, that we exist. But life is so short. Is it ok, to be with people, who we don’t particly like? Or should we spend time looking for true friends and then more enjoy in our life?

Enjoy, M.


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