Day for changes…or maybe tomorrow?

Hello everybody!

Today was the day, where the changes should be made and it finished with sentence: ‘’I’m too tired for this shit…’’.

tootiredfortheseshitI’m home right now, don’t have any job and a lot of spear time. I told to myself: ‘’Start eating healthier, exercise a little and do something that you want to do!’’. I pick up Monday – day for changes. I woke up at 9:30. Yes, I over slept… I wanted to be awake at 8:00. Came to the kitchen, eat some cereal and drank lemonade (usually I eat something like that – one point for me). Smoke and read a book. Time was 10:30. Talk with my mum and we watch some TV show. I washed clothes and look at the clock – 13:00. Half day was gone. I started to make lunch, went to grandparents, talk to them a little, play with a cat, we eat lunch, clean up dishes, watch TV shows with mum (we have like a marathon, with those shows…), fall asleep (nothing unusual) and now I’m here. It’s 19:00. Day just flew away. And like that most of the days go by. And then weeks. I’m 28 years old…

My idea was or is or will be or need to be?:

  • Get up at 8:00
  • Breakfast – something healthy and smaller portions
  • Reduce smoking – I really need to slow down, at least stop smoking after nine o’clock at night
  • ‘’Move your body!’’ – 15 to 30 min of any exercise (for a start)
  • ‘’Move your arms!’’ – Weights for arms, for 5 min (I have a list of songs, just for weights)
  • Lunch and dinner – a lot of salads and less other things
  • Drink more water – usually I drink less over the day, in the afternoon I would drink a pool of water if I could
  • Do something what I like – drawing, writing for blog, read, meditate, meet up with friends,
  • Look for new jobs!

Yes, it’s nothing special. Just small things, which will slowly change my lifestyle. To be healthier, start losing weight, smoke less (at some point, stop smoking), use my free time more effectively, be happy what I did today and be proud of myself. I know I can do it. I want to do it, which is more important.

Wish me luck!

Question for the readers: ‘’What do you want to change?’’

Enjoy, M.


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