I wonder…when you will choose you.

I wonder why the sun is so bright,
why the sky is so blue,
why the life can be sometimes so hard,
why the hell I’m here…

I wonder how it happened,
that we complicate so much,
well for everything,
everything we do.

I wonder WHO THE HELL are you,
to tell me how to act around,
what is appropriate and what not,
what to wear and how to talk.

I wonder how society becomes like this,
always checking around,
telling you what to do, what to post,
be on all social networks.

I wonder when we will wake up,
and finally see,
that this is not who we are,
that there is so much more.

I wonder when you will see,
that you are unique, special,
different, wonderful,
and nobody has power over you?

Choose for you and not for others.
Choose to be you and not others.
Choose you, not the others.


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