LDR – long distance relationship – First meeting

When you start a LDR – long distance relationship, at some point you get to a first meeting. It can get very excited and scary. You are going to meet up with your partner/love for a first time in real life. Even if it sounds very exciting, you should be careful to. You think that you know your partner, but things can be different. I will tell you some tips or precautions you should look up. It’s better to be safe, if anything can go wrong. That goes for girls and boys.

  1. Identity, information about your partner

Yes you love him/her, you live in a dream world and anything is possible. That goes for good and for bad possibilities. My boyfriend send me scanned his ID card and some work papers. I got his address from home, work and his phone number. I send everything to my parents and friend. If is possible let your friends or parents or siblings talk to him/her through Skype or other applications. Let everybody to see what kind of person is your partner and that you are serious about this.

  1. Who is coming where, where should he/she stay…

I think that guy should come first to her. Somehow you get some security. If that is not possible, you just go first then (like in my case). For a first meeting I recommend that you stay in some hotel, near him/her. It’s easier for both of you. Somehow you get to know that person again. All day talking, visiting places, doing things, knowing each other, can be very tiresome. More important is that you have some safe place, where you can go, if you don’t like him/her or something happens. If you would be in her/his apartment or at his/her parents (if he/she lives with them), you can’t go anywhere. You need to know, that you are in a different country and you are all alone. Don’t forget to tell your family and friends where you are staying and stay in a contact with them.

If you are from same country and you are meeting in some city, pick up for meeting crowed part of town, restaurant, etc. Let everybody to know where your meeting is and be in contact.

  1. Trip

Work together. Try to find cheap flights, busses or trains to that country. Plan everything in a advance. Think about things that are interesting to show your partner or you want to see it, when you are coming to other place.

  1. Meeting with a family

A lot of you will meet up with his/her family. It can be very stressful (like in every relationship). Bring some gifts for family. Ask your partner what they would like it. Be nice and respectful.

  1. Habits and traditions

Every time you go somewhere abroad, things are different. All countries have their own traditions and habits, which you should look it up and you show some respect to your partner.

  1. Be yourself

A lot of people are different over internet. They can talk and act easier. When you meet up in real life, things can get little different. Be patience with your partner. In a few hours of talking and doing things, you both will feel more comfortably,

  1. Sex and other things

Yes and no. Depends on you in the end. Be protected. Use condoms. Don’t do things that you don’t like.

Most important tip. Enjoy. Even if it doesn’t work out, you can have a great time and some nice vacation. Learn something from that. Life can be too short sometimes.

Enjoy your day, M.


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