LDR – long distance relationship (well, it happened…)

Today I will talk about me, my boyfriend and our relationship. It’s not that simple, or it is? Depends how you see it. I am in a LDR or long distance relationship. That means that we don’t live in a same area, but we live in a different countries. We live apart around 1490 km, 14h and 18 min by car or almost 2 hours by a plain.

When and where we meet up?

We meet up on a virtual game called Second life (Google it) and I think about 2 and half years ago. On that game you meet a lot of different people, visit nice and interesting places. We start talking and meeting up in Second life. After while we change our email addresses and talk half of the time through emails. Eventually you just figure out that you spend hours at nights to talk with a person, which you never meet, all day thinking about him and caring for him. So I slowly fall in love with him.

First meeting

After a year we start talking about our first meeting. Should we meet up or just forget this thing? We both agree that we should meet up and see how things will go in real life. It’s very different talking in person, or talking through emails and Skype.
Our plan was that he will come first to my country, because I am a woman and travelling alone, going to meet a person I know just from internet, doesn’t sounds that safe. But things had changed. He needed to apply for a passport and some other stuff. If I would wait for him, probably it would take a while. So I was a brave girl and I went to meet up with him in his country.
Days past fast and I was in a airport all nervous, thinking what can go wrong or right.
Seeing him for a first time in a parking lot was, well interesting. He was finely there in front of me. We hugged and drove to my hotel (about 2h drive). We talk and sit in silence. For a surprise, he was more nervous than me.
I stayed in a hotel for 4 days (alone). We visit a lot of places, went to opera (we watched The phantom of the Opera), I meet his family (very nice people) and figure out that we like each other in real life too. Vacation ended with smiles on our faces and we were planning next meeting. (he visited me).

We are now dating, yes dating, for about year and half. We talk daily over emails, hangouts, texts, teamspeak… and just try to be all positive and enjoy in our long distance relationship. Future plans are more difficult. We plan that he would move to my country at some point, but for now is that not possible.

Next time I will talk about negative and positive things about LDR. If you have any question, just ask.

Enjoy M.


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