Sorry for myself…

I apologise, because I wasn’t a good person to you.
I didn’t think a lot of you, didn’t look after you,
didn’t see, that you need something else,
not just going with the flow.

I apologise, because I didn’t listen you.
I didn’t want to hear you words,
I just put them somewhere safe,
so they wouldn’t be found.

I apologise, because I could be a better friend to you.
I didn’t want you, to be alive, to breathe the same air,
to see a beautiful word, that I see now,
when I start to acknowledge you.

I apologise to myself that I didn’t want to be, what I want to be.
I feared, feared so much, that I totally change my life,
because in the end, I was feared of me.
The beautiful me, full of life and love.

I’m sorry. It won’t happen again. I love you.



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