That days, when a revolution is going in my head and I will never… post

Ok, I said to myself that I will post blogs almost every day and here I am almost month later… Time passes quickly. Sometimes too fast, wondering what should I do with myself? Then I find out that I’m busy most of the time. Always doing something, helping around or just staring to the sky. But I’m not doing something ‘important’. Sometimes I feel like nobody doesn’t appreciate what I do. Then my mind slowly opens up and there is war/revolution going in my head. Yea…sometimes happens that to. Changes begun. Just some of them, but is a start.

Like I said, I love to read, draw and write, and there my mind and body are relaxing, I feel free, happy and at peace. I started reading again about two or three years ago. That means about three and more books peer week. Getting to know an e-book, was a heaven. (got it for a birthday, thank you my dear). I love physical books, their smell, touch, sound of changing pages… but e-book is more simply. I don’t have to go every week to the library and take home a bag full of books.
Drawing is my meditation. I forgot about everything and just enjoy. I started again. It was amazing. And I got some orders for paintings from friends. (I’m not that good, but I guess they like it).
slike comWriting. The only thing that usually is very, very…well somewhere in the air and it stays there. I wrote a blog for a year in my language and I got over 2000 visitors and a lot of readers. For me that is a success. Then I told to myself: I can do better! I will write in English! Here I am. Still struggling with this, but I’m getting there.

So I thought of a simple post/part of blog called I will never… I will post every week some sentence. Like these.

I will never… stop reading books and not being in a heaven.

I will never… stop drawing and not feeling peaceful.

I will never… stop trying writing, even if nobody will read it.

And what are yours I will never…?

That’s for today.

Enjoy, M.


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