Makeup, creams and what the f*** is that

Hello everybody!

I just figure out, that I am growing and growing…and getting old. Talking with some friends and in the end with mum, I start using anti wrinkles/aging cream for my face. They all say its time or you should already use it for few years and all other products, which I don’t recognize, or I can say what the f*** is that for??? I was in shock. I’m getting old. I’m not some Barbie freak, with all make up, tons of powder on face, different lip glosses and all other stuff that exist and I don’t use it. I think that too much stuff can harm your skin.

I have cleaning gel for my face, mask for my face (which is really working, skin is so smooth), mascara, liquid eyeliners, around twenty different eye shadows, red/purple/brown/gold lipstick, some products for hair, milk cream for a whole body, deodorants, two perfumes and that’s it. I don’t use powder, because I’m hot a lot, sweat, I touch my face all the time, so I have just concealer in lipstick, for some corrections. And I think looking like a Barbie is not my style. I can put everything in a very small suitcase. In the morning, with all makeup, I’m ready in 30 min (dressed to).

Then I look at my mum, she looks younger for her age, she could use a spare wardrobe for all the stuff she got. All the stuff for her face, body, all different colours, smells, tastes…

Her comment: I like to smell different every time, look different, face is like a painting, which I like to colour… I always smile to that.

Other girlfriends are similar. Some of them have tons of makeup, some of them just use mascara and some gloss, saying that natural beauty is a winner.

I don’t mind looking better with makeup, but some people use it to much, or they don’t know what fits them.

If you go to the store and you need just some mascara, I need an hour to find what I want. Well now I buy the same all the time, hoping that they will produce that mascara for many, many years. You have, different colours (I use only black),different shapes (which is very important) and that price (25 Euros???). Or that anti wrinkles/aging cream, for that small box of cream almost 20 Euros… It is just crazy. Everybody is making money on women.

In the end, we all want to look beautiful and younger. Don’t we?


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