Good romantic books

I love romantic books. If its conected with history, thats even better. When guy is chasing a girl around, she doesn’t know if she love him, in the middle somebody kill somebody or they steal something, family doesn’t like the girl or girl is forced to maried…

Well there are a lot of good books like that, but is hard to find a very good ones. So I will write some of my favorite autors (from wich I have buy books).

Amanda Quick: she wrote a lot of books, all romantic – history suspense.

E.L. James: 50 shades of gray (I like it, even half of people doesn’t…but that is life)

Elizabeth Hoyt: romantic – history, similar as Amanda Quick

Jenifer Crusie: very nice, interesting, laugh few times

Julie Garwood: like it very much, similar as Amanda Quick

Nora Roberts: some of the books are good, some of them are little boring, but you should read it

Sandra Brown: life, love, modern, interesting

Stephanie Laurens

Susan Elizabeth Phillips: I love those, always laugh

Ok, these are some of very good authors. Their books are very good, characters are interesting, storys are similar in some books, some of them have some criminal in it…

Enjoy, M.


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