Remember my dearest friend?

Remember the days, when we laugh together,
those little text messages, which warm my heart,
your perfect smile and those chocolate brown eyes?

Remember the long nights, when we talk and talk,
when you told me your secrets, I was your best friend,
I start slowly and slowly liking you too much?

Remember the day, when I send you that perfect valentine’s card,
and you told me, that I should send to person I really love,
you started slowly and slowly breaking my heart?

Remember the day, when everything went busted,
you didn’t believe my words, my tears,
that day I lost you forever?

Remember the day, in that crowd, I saw you in second,
you pass by my side and I couldn’t hug you,
say Hi to you, or just being acknowledged?

I remember those days, my dearest friend. I do.
Sometimes I wish that things would be different.
Sometimes I think, that you just taught me how to love.


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