Phones, application, idiotic connection 24/7…

I sit on bench and watch how wind is playing with leaves.
Facebook: Jenny liked you photo.
Gmail: Buy now, get one for free. Your best shoe store.
Snapchat: Lea – why don’t you send some snaps???

Birds are singing some song, it is wonderful.
Facebook: Anna post a comment on your photo.
Messenger: Where are you? Coffe??? 😀
Gmail: Helen leaved comment on your blog. Look it now!
Text message: Hi, when you coming home, need to know for dinner. Mum

It’s very relaxing. Nature is so beautiful. Sun is warm.

I turn of internet. Finally. Peace of quiet.

Text messages: Where are you? You are not responding on messenger???, I send you photos on hangouts, you didn’t look at them., Hi, some important emails I send you. Please check them, need response quick as it is possible…..

I turn off the phone. For a fuc**** 10 min, for a fuc**** one smoke, for a fuc**** peace and relaxation…

Where is fuc**** freedom???


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