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Just something about me

Hello readers!

Well my life is little boring at these point. I lost a job few months ago. I am sending applications for new jobs, but for now no luck. I have too much free time at the moment and in the end I don’t have time, which is little stupid. Most of days I clean and cook, help parents, enjoy in nature, read tons of books, watch for few hours youtube videos (you just start clicking random stuff and here goes one hour, two hours…) … and get bored and depressed for few hours a day.

I won’t be so negative about myself, so I will say something positive to.

  1. I love to cook. Really love to cook. Trying new dishes, experimenting with food… Cooking for me is not just making something to eat. With all of ingredients, mixing them together, we can make something beautiful and very tasteful. I think that is important how we treat our self with food. I love to see happy faces on my family or friends, when I cook for them.
  2. I am a bookworm. There is no day, which will go without reading a book. I can read a whole book in a day and don’t care for other things. Reading for me is like escaping from my life and entering into a dream. I can feel the characters, their thoughts, love, pain… For me is just a meditation, getting away from busy life.
  3. Drawing. Relaxation. Putting your feelings on paper. Making it colourful and in different shapes. I enjoy drawing. I love ability to see something and that able to put it on paper, even when it doesn’t look like. My interpretation of life.
  4. Write a poem. Try. Be creative. Let your brain to wake up. Put your feelings on paper. If you don’t like it, throw it to the fire and do it again. Let your imagination free, let the words speak for you, show who you are. Don’t be afraid. That’s why I like to write. I like to feel alive.

With these blog, I want to change my life. Step by step. Feel better about myself. I want to be me.

Enjoy, M.


6 thoughts on “Just something about me

    1. Thank you Emi :). I know already that can be helpful. I had a blog in my own language, but after a while I stop posting (well life can be a bi***) So I said to my self, that I need a challenge. Now I’m writing in english. Enjoy in your day 🙂


      1. Thank you! You too! That’s an awesome challenge–I don’t know if I’d be brave enough to post in any language but English. I’m sure you’ll learn a lot, and hopefully have some fun, too. Good luck!

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